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From Nov 1 to Mar 31 2013 - Every Mon-Wed-Fri & Sat

From Apr 1st to Oct 31st 2013 - Daily

Dep.: 3:00pm – Ret.: 7:00pm

(Oct 1 to Mar 31 - ½ hour earlier)

Price: 45 €


Sounio has been a sacred site since very ancient times. The "sanctuary of Sounion" is first mentioned in the Odyssey, as the place where Menelaus stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides.

Archaeological evidence has shown that there were two organized places of worship on the cape by the 7th century BC: a sanctuary of Poseidon at the southern edge and a sanctuary of Athena about 500 mt to the northeast.


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