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The two days tour to Sparta and Olympia is a private tour that takes you to the beautiful towns and regions of the Peloponnese Peninsula. It is a tour designed for those who want to get to know the rich history of Southern Greece, but also enjoy the beautiful and unique landscape of the region.


The two days tour to Sparta and Olympia starts from Athens in the morning. The driver will take you along the coastal road of Attica towards Corinth; after an 1 hour drive you will reach the famous Corinth Canal that connects the two major seas, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. You will have a short stop for pictures and the private tour will continue towards Sparta.

The ruins of the ancient theater of Sparta
Sparta is one of the most renowned state cities of the antiquity along with Athens. It was the great rival of the Athenian State, and the birth city of King Leonidas, who fought the Persian army in Thermopylae along with his 300 men.

In Sparta you will have the chance to visit the archaeological site of Sparta, the Acropolis of Sparta, which is a hill covered with olive trees and columns that remain as an evidence of the once great city. A major excavation has revealed the remains of the Temple of Artemis Orthia Spartan where the Spartan children took rites of passage.

We will also visit the Museum of Sparta and then your driver will take you to Olympia, where you will spend the night.

The second day of this tour is dedicated to Ancient Olympia, where the Olympic Games took place in the antiquity.

The archaeological site of Olympia is set amidst lush greenery in the area of Elis.

The excavations in the area revealed Pheidias’ workshop, the Leonidaion and the north wall of the original stadium of the Olympic Games.

In Olympia, you will also have the chance to see the actual track of the race and the Games that were held in the area every four years. You will also visit the archaeological museum of the city with the numerous artefacts and findings from the area, and the museum of the Olympic Games, supported by the International Olympic Committee.

Later on, you will enjoy your lunch in the area and take the way back to Athens, via the same route. You will reach Athens late in the afternoon where the private tour ends.



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